Cheap Trick: Save Money and Waste by Replacing Paper with Cloth

A few examples from my WalMart collection

I rarely buy paper towels or napkins anymore. We use cloth napkins instead of paper for every meal. WalMart has four packs of cute cloth napkins by Pioneer Woman for about $5 per pack. We often find we can use a napkin several times before throwing it in the wash, but that depends on what we’re eating. Instead of using paper towels to dry hands or surfaces, we use kitchen towels. These are reasonably priced many places; Dollar Stores usually have a nice selection. For cleaning I use basic rags. WalMart sells 18 packs of utility rags for under $4.

I bought enough of each to last a week. We then do a laundry load of kitchen linens. This system saves me a lot of money on paper products and reduces waste.


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