Homemade Pop Tarts! With Berries 

My daughter and I woke early this morning to make pop tarts because she’s learned to like them from school breakfast and friends’ houses. I wanted to try making them instead of buying so I could control the ingredients, and in hopes they would be better than the boxed ones. These were worth every calorie, the crust buttery and flaky, the filling more berrylicious. The tartness of the fresh berries on the side contrasted beautifully with the sweetness of the tarts. I also gave us each one boiled egg for protein. Overall I think it was a good balance of treat and healthy. Healthy eating is fun and delicious.

We combined pop tart recipes from King Arthur flour (for the crust) and Pioneer Woman (for everything else). If you want to save time, just follow the Pioneer Woman recipe, which uses store bought pie crust as a shortcut. The filling was one cup of Smuckers strawberry jam with one tablespoon of cornstarch stirred in to thicken it. The frosting is one cup of confectioners sugar with about 3 tbs of milk and one tbs of jam.
This meal was fun to make and eat. We are so full.



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