Portion Control of Delicious Foods + Lots of Yummy Veggies and Fruits

I feel better already, just a few days into portion control combined with eating lots of veggies and fruits. I am not going to cut out any food groups or even foods, but I will judge every food I eat by what it does for me. Is it so delicious that a little is satisfying and worth every calorie? Is it full of vitamins and antioxidants, or something else my body needs to work and feel its best and continually rebuild itself (you literally are what you eat)? I become a much pickier eater when I focus on health, and as a result I enjoy food much more. And feel so much better.
The breakfast I ate the last two days illustrates my diet plan. My daughter wanted Pop Tarts but I don’t like feeding her fake food, and I knew what I would do with a box of Pop Tarts – eat them all in one sitting. I think fake food is dangerous for me because it never makes me feel satisfied. My body does not seem to understand it’s food. Yet it is hyperpalatable, which wreaks havoc with my brain’s malfunctioning reward system. Also, boxed Pop Tarts are good, but not amazing ike the home made ones, not worth every calorie. Eating the boxed kind leaves me disappointed some how, still craving more.

So I found a recipe for my daughter and I to make our own. One of our tarts, with its buttery flaky crust and sweet-tarty berry filling, satisfies both tummy and soul. But, knowing one tart alone would not provide nutrition and lasting fullness, I added generous portions of berries to our plates. The tartness of the berries contrasted beautifully with the sweetness of the tarts. I carefully controlled the portion size of the delicious tart and combined it with the berries, which were full of water, fiber, and nutrients to ensure we were satisfied. It worked. I don’t have to give up foods I love. I can enjoy them in reasonable portions alongside the veggies and fruits I also love.


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