Reward Time

I rewarded myself today for committing to lose 200 pounds again and for making the changes needed to make that happen.

It was not easy to decide to take this weight back off. I explained a little about this in my ‘how did I get here?’ post. I had been thinking and praying over taking back control of my health for a few months. Then, two days before I started this blog, I joined sparkpeople, but without a firm commitment in place yet. I started just by reading articles, and that gave me the push I needed to start tracking my meals on sparkpeople, which was super easy because their site is so user friendly. The following day I decided to commit to losing 200 pounds and started this blog to help me do it.

So I rewarded myself with some new plants for my house. Everytime I water the plants I will think about why I got them. As they grow I can think about how much I have gained from losing. Most importantly I love plants and think they make a home feel more relaxed, s



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