Planning my meals around cheese steak, and a favorite easy salad recipe 2/1/17

Portion control of delicious foods plus lots of veggies and fruits – that summarizes my diet plan. And cheese steak subs are delicious, and so is home-made bread right out of the oven, so I decided to plan my day’s meals around having enough calories left, and a good balance of macronutrients (fat, protein, carb) even with the refined carb loaded bread, so that I could enjoy a reasonable portion of ‘cheese steak’ at dinner and still know I’m on target.

Breakfast was two hard-boiled eggs, half an avocado, some tomato left from last night’s tacos, and an orange. This combo was tasty and satisfying. Boiled eggs, when cooked just right, are one of my favorite lean proteins. I used siracha on the eggs and avocado.


Lunch was one of my favorite easy salads – spinach and ranch with two chopped boiled eggs. Salt and pepper are all that’s needed to make this combo delicious, but I had a little tomato mix left. To keep me from feeling too bready carb deprived during the day, I had a microwave baked banana as an afternoon snack because baking it makes it feel like a bready treat to me.


Then I had dinner Рa slice of Home-made white bread fresh out of the machine, topped with American cheese and leftover roast beef, prepped cheese steak style. When I make a roast I always freeze portions for later meals. For cheese steak I just thaw the roast meat then saute it in a pat (about one teaspoon) of butter with some Adobo seasoning mix. I fry some onions, green peppers, and mushrooms in the same skillet after taking the meat out. I fry the veggies separate for me because my daughter hates them. I also really load up the veggies because they taste great combined with the meat and add nutrients. I added a large spring mix salad with oil and vinegar dressing (ranch for Belle) to complete the meal.


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