2/2/17 log – BLT Salad,Stuffed Sweet Potatoes,Exercise

I insist on only eating meals I enjoy, so it is time to get creative: since tomorrow is grocery day, today I am planning meals around what’s left in the fridge – two baked sweet potatoes, half a can of white beans, one head each of broccoli and romaine, and a dwindling supply of other fresh fruits and veggies.

Breakfast was a slice of home-made white bread with honey butter and cinnamon, an apple, and coffee with milk.

Lunch was a Loaded baked sweet potato . I modified the recipe to suit what I had, swapping in the leftover white beans instead of black beans. I used too much spice, but it was still yummy. I only ate about half the ranch in the picture by dipping the broccoli into the salsa more often than the ranch. For the broccoli I chopped the head in half and stuck it in with boiling eggs for a few minutes, taking it out when it was bright green and still crunchy.

Dinner was a BLT salad.

1. Prep croutons ahead. Use one slice of old bread for each serving. Chop the bread into crouton shapes in the morning and leave out to dry. Salt and pepper.
2. Fry 3 slices of bacon for each serving. Reserve grease.
3. Chop romaine lettuce. Toss with ranch dressing, salt and pepper.
4. Chop or slice tomatoes. Salt and pepper.
5. Chop bacon.
6. Fry croutons in bacon grease. Use about one teaspoon of grease for each slice of bread.
7. Layer lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, and croutons and enjoy.
Easing into exercise: The first three times I get up, I do ten reps each of at least two exercises, including squats, lunges, standing stretches, standing bicycle crunches, arm circles, standing alternating toe touches, modified jumping jacks, and pivot and punch. I only do about ten reps of each (except arm circles, 30 in each direction) during one session. This way it never feels overwhelming and I minimize my excuses. I do this three times a day. I also danced to Bachata while doing the dishes and vacuuming today.


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