2/4/17 Weight Check, oat pancakes, Thai restaurant, Baby Back Ribs


‘Please not over 475,’ I prayed as I stepped on the scale. The result surprised me so much I had to triple check, and I still don’t trust it – 434. A few months ago I was over 450 in a doctor’s office, so that his scale couldn’t weigh me. I think I lost a few pounds this week, but I usually lose very slowly for about six months until my metabolism gets healthier from a few months of healthy choices.


Belle and I made Banana Oat Pancakes┬áthis morning. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly – just threw everything into a blender except two bananas, which we sliced rather than mashed, because we like our bananas chunky. Belle sliced some berries to go on top.



We had lunch with my sister and niece at a Thai restaurant. I chose a combination that included several small salads and a small dish of yellow chicken curry. Their food is always fresh and full of new flavors. I chose not to eat my rice because I had other plans for those calories.


Baby back ribs were on sale, so I made some for dinner. I paired these with salad and fresh pineapple,which is so much better than canned.


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