2/5/17 meal log

Yesterday I had baby back ribs for dinner and ate lunch out, so I felt like eating a little cleaner today, except for the donut.


I had one donut this afternoon from Duck Donuts, home of the best donuts and coffee I’ve ever tried, one¬†crispy yet soft glazed donut which I ate gratefully and therefore enjoyed more than I could have enjoyed a mindlessly eaten dozen. In this instance less is more. Belle had one too.


Breakfast today was PB & Oat Apple Crumble (my recipe). Lunch was bacon and eggs, and I put a handful of spinach under the eggs and about half a cup of tomato mixture (tomatoes, green onions, green peppers, lemon juice, salt and pepper) over them. I had a grapefruit on the side. So juicy! I love grapefruit but I will NEVER again call half a grapefruit breakfast. How ridiculous.


For dinner Belle had leftover Chinese fake out, but I felt like something lighter after the ribs and donut, so I made veggie soup out of a bag of leftover spinach, white beans, and tomato paste I had in the freezer. I added potato, carrots, and yellow squash to the soup and ate this with a light string cheese and a pear.





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