2/7/17 Home-made veggie pizza, exercise, and celebrations.


When I was still gaining weight, I ordered a lot of pizza, and Belle complained about missing it. So I decided to make some. She requested a ‘real’ crust instead of whole wheat flatbread, so I made Allrecipes Quick and Easy Pizza Crust. I prebaked it for 7 minutes before topping, and it earned Belle’s approval. For sauce I used Allrecipes Easy Pizza Sauce I. Going against the directions I cooked it until it was thicker, and I’m glad I did because it was amazing sauce, making our house smell like a good Italian restaurant. For toppings I offered blanched and chopped broccoli, yellow squash, green onions, sweet peppers, carrots, and tomatoes (only vegetable I didn’t blanche). Belle topped her half and I put everything left on my half. For cheese we used mozzarella.


Breakfast was the last of the PB & Oat Apple Crumble (directions under recipes breakfasts) with milk added, turning it into a bowl of granola and baked apples.



Having decided to finish yesterday’s soy tuna burgers (under recipe-main dish) for lunch, I dressed the last of the spring mix with one tablespoon of Annie’s Naturals Goddess dressing, then topped it with tomato mix (diced Roma tomato, green onion, lemon juice, salt and pepper), topping all with the last two tuna patties.

Exercise: Today I completed a ten minute cardio workout from fitness blender. By modifying several high impact moves, I got a safe and effective workout, and I feel great – full of energy.


  1. I have been logging on sparkpeople and on this blog for over two weeks.
  2. I started doing ten minute workouts from fitness blender yesterday.
  3. I have lost at least 16 pounds over the last 6 weeks.

I bought myself some potted tulips to celebrate. When I plant the bulbs I will remember that everything wonderful  in life takes time to flower; when they bloom each spring I will reflect on my progress and commitment to my health.



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