2/8/17 Working out again! Black bean soup and boob problems. Before/after pics.

Another goal for my list – shrink my boobs so I stop dripping food, especially soup, on them. The soup I had for lunch today was sublime, except for this problem. One day I will again eat soup freely, knowing the napkin placed in my lap will catch the drips!


The soup was just some black beans cooked in the slow cooker, 1/2 a jar of salsa, the green tops of a bunch of green onions, and chopped sweet peppers. The beans were already seasoned with onion, garlic, salt, and pepper. I added a little Adobo sin pimiento seasoning and sriracha sauce to the soup. This simmered in the slow cooker for about 30 minutes while I prepped a tomato mix (diced roma tomato, sweet peppers, green onions, and avocado with the juice from one lime slice, a little sriracha, salt, and pepper) and some tortilla strips (sliced a corn tortilla into strips, tossed with one teaspoon evoo and salt, baked ten minutes). When the soup was done I topped it with the tomato mix and tortilla strips. Yum. I have to make this for Elvis.


Breakfast was a PB and Baked Apple Sandwich. Directions for this can be found in breakfast recipes.


Dinner was my last two slices of last night’s veggie pizza (main dish recipes 2/7/17). I think the pizza tasted even better today than it did last night.

Exercise today was a 15 minute lower body Pilates workout from fitness blender. 15 minutes – all in one sitting. I’m working out again!

Belle and I think we can already, after almost three weeks of commitment to health, see a difference in these before and after pictures. In the first pic my face looks swollen, the cheeks rounder. In the second one, taken today, I think my skin looks healthier. Both are makeup free. I could be imagining the difference, but Belle agrees. I’m going with it.




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