Motivation for Life

I fear losing hundreds of pounds and gaining it back, again. I cannot describe how horrible this is. So I’m working daily on long-term motivation. PTSD drove both my regains, so I will work closely with my doctor and therapist on living well with ptsd, and I’ve set my goal weight at 280, a weight I feel good at both physically and mentally. I can even find really cute clothes at that size, which for me is about a 20/22.

But my goals encompass much more than numbers measuring my weight and dress size. A sparkpeople article I read recently promoted writing a vision/goal statement as part of building long-term motivation. I work on that below. I have also linked articles I will keep referring to for motivation building.

Articles on motivation

Motivation mysteries 1 – motivation killers

Motivation mysteries 2 – building and maintaining motivation

Write your vision statement for weight loss

My take-aways from the articles

Two opposing desires affect my food choices: the desire for fun and treats now, and the desire to nourish my long-term wellness. I also have control and ‘freedom’ issues around these two desires – eating what I want now feels freeing (for a few moments); eating a nutritious and balanced diet feels like I am in control, but feels overly restrictive at times.

Both the desire for immediate enjoyment and the desire for long-term wellness are valid and healthy desires. A lasting lifestyle change must balance these, rather than vilifying and always denying the desire to treat myself.

The author defines motivation as ‘taking responsibility for your conscious actions’ and┬ásays the foundation of motivation is the story you tell yourself. Make your choices, and own them, she writes, rather than seeing yourself as a victim of circumstances or uncontrollable urges.

My weight loss vision statement

I want to feel…

Pride from knowing my lifestyle choices nurture me. I don’t want to feel self-destructively out of control.

Able to do ALL I want and need to do. Strong and fit enough to enjoy an active life with my family. I don’t want to feel too exhausted or weak to take a walk with Belle, or clean the house, or lift something a little heavy. I don’t want to fear a simple fall resulting in months of immobility.

Like I’m enjoying my life rather than being bogged down by guilt, too much bloating junk food, or my ‘fat armor’.

Like I’m creating masterpieces in my kitchen with fresh, colorful, and delicious whole foods, then sharing these masterpieces on my blog.








1 thought on “Motivation for Life”

  1. Woo-hoo! I love SparkPeople – it helped me to lose weight and change to a healthier lifestyle starting back in 2006. The articles and trackers were the most helpful for me. I would log in every day and feel so pumped to track my food, water, and exercise! I love that you’ve got a concrete vision – well done!


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