2/10/17 cheeseburger salad and yogurt parfait.


Cheeseburgers and fries are yummy, so I’ve found a way I can enjoy them often. Once while eating a great burger, I realized I couldn’t taste the bun, and that what I enjoyed was the burger and all the veggies mixed with cheese.

So I came up with cheeseburger salad – a bed of finely chopped romaine (or other green) dressed with salt and pepper and your choice of dressing. I used to just mix mayo or a mayo/mustard/pickle juice blend, but now I like ranch. I put some grainy mustard in tonight’s also. I sautéed mushrooms, peppers, and onions to go on top of the cheeseburger. Belle ate all the pickles so I didn’t have one to put on the side. I like tomatoes and cucumbers on this, too.

For french fries I sliced a russet potato, drizzled on evoo, and tossed it with salt and pepper, finally baking it until brown. Mine didn’t get brown because Belle kept whining she was hungry.


Lunch was a yogurt parfait – a microwave baked banana topped with a 7 ounce container of Fage 2% plain yogurt, two teaspoons of brown sugar mixed with cinnamon, and lots of berries. I like the crunch of the sugar but honey would work too.


Breakfast was a grapefruit and a slice of home-made white bread with honey butter and cinnamon.

Exercise – I did a ten minute arm workout from fitness blender. I had to push to get this done because I am very sleepy and sedated today. My meds sometimes have that effect. But I did it!


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