2/11/17 Belle is sick and I’m bracing myself.

I used to start a diet most mornings. I was dieting more mornings than I wasn’t. Then I would go off the diet because I was angry, sad, stressed, tempted, or sick. Getting sick has ended several young diets.

But it’s not the illness, or stress, or any other stimulus that ends my diet: ultimately I decide to eat too much and avoid exercise. I make the decision, and now I can make a new one. I think my all-or-nothing mindset kept me from fully committing to my health. If I ate saltines when I was sick, I figured I’d ruined my diet already. I’m tired of thinking that way.

My daughter Belle came running into my bathroom this morning sick with a stomach virus. Today has been about taking care of her and keeping her hydrated. And trying to bleach it out of the house in hopes I don’t catch it. So today is an atypical food day.

Breakfast was a banana. I was wary of eating more. I didn’t even drink my coffee and milk this morning.


Lunch was a slice of home-made bread with honey butter and a microwave baked apple. I had a frozen banana as an afternoon snack.


For dinner I had some rice and home-made chicken wonton soup. When we’re not sick lots of veggies go in this soup. I also usually skim the chicken fat to use in my cooking, but as the pic shows I skipped that today. I didn’t eat any chicken just in case, instead focussing on a BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast – for sick people) type diet for today. I ate another frozen banana trying to get my calories up to a safe amount. It’s so rare to have to add calories to the day.

Exercise was a ten minute standing ab workout from fitness blender. I got it in while Belle slept. She never sleeps during the day unless she’s very sick. My poor baby.




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