2/14/17 Pizza and chocolates, all logged, and cardio.


Breakfast was a 7 ounce container of Fage 2% plain greek yogurt topped with two teaspoons of brown sugar, mixed berries, and toasted walnuts.


For lunch I repeated yesterday’s artichoke and spinach baked potato, but this time I melted the cheeses in the microwave. The directions are under meal logs 2/13/17.


At the last minute I decided to fit pizza into the day. 420 calories for two slices. I drank 16 ounces of water and ate an orange before taking the first bite. I also soaked excess oil off the top with napkins. While losing 200 pounds a few years ago, I used these strategies to have pizza once every week. I know that if I finish two slices and still feel hungry I’ll start feeling deprived, but getting half full of water and orange first means I’m satisfied with one portion of pizza.


For a Valentine’s treat I had Three pieces of chocolate. The little box contains the three best pieces. 1630 calories today – not bad for what I got out of it.

Exercise today was a 20 minute dance workout. I paused the video at 8 minutes and stopped at 13. Breakfast felt like a brick in my stomach, and I was momentarily DONE. And hating that perky exercise instructor. Later I did 7 more minutes, my legs exhausted, but feeling proud. The video was 25 minutes long but I decided 20 minutes was perfect for today, and that going on would be pushing myself too far. Soon.


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