Eat pizza every week and still lose weight; 2/15/17 log

I once lost 200 pounds while eating restaurant pizza weekly by using a couple of easy strategies. I never started pizza on an empty stomach, instead drinking 16 ounces of water and eating a high water content food, usually an orange, first. I logged and ate exactly one serving of pizza (one large or two small slices) in my calorie counter, chosing veggies as toppings instead of “meats ” or extra cheese. Soaking excess oil off the surface of the pizza eliminated a little saturated fat. Leftover pizza was frozen for future meals.


Finally, I made lighter pizzas at home often. These strategies insured one serving of pizza satisfied me and prevented me from feeling deprived.


Meals today – I wanted pizza again today and made a veggie pizza for dinner. Directions for this can be found under main dish recipes 2/7/17. Today I used a whole wheat pita for crust, salsa as the sauce, and vegetables left from lunch as toppings. This kept me from feeling deprived when Belle ate leftover Domino’s.


For lunch I had a grilled salmon filet, stir fried vegetables, and berries.


Breakfast was egg, avocado, and tomato salad with a grapefruit. Directions are under breakfast recipes. It was a fairly clean and nutrition-packed way to follow yesterday.

Exercise- a sparkpeople TV ten minute leg workout. Then I hopped on the recumbent bike for ten minutes.

Plus – I commented on my friend feed and on other blogs to acknowledge how others’ successes¬†inspired me, read six articles from sparkpeople, tried to meditate, and prayed. I do these things daily, and I think they keep me focused on my goals.





One thought on “Eat pizza every week and still lose weight; 2/15/17 log”

  1. Great self control.
    As I’ve said before, better you have a bit of what you really want than substitutes that don’t hit the spot. Sometimes it just has to be real pizza.
    Thanks for coming over to my blog too. I also find that reading other’s blogs and feeling connected with others trying to achieve the same goals really helpful staying motivated.


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