2/16/17 Blah then better.

Woke stiff and tired today, my right shoulder aching with every move, fortunately then lacking enough energy to move much. The silver lining was I haven’t felt like this in a few weeks

thanks to the healthy changes I’ve made and Pristiq. I wondered if today’s blah was caused by eating too many refined carbs Tuesday or not drinking enough water yesterday or both.

Meal Log

This was yummy.

Breakfast was avocado tostados with eggs and Tomatoes. Recipe can be found under Breakfast 2/16/17. I used the same ingredients from yesterday’s breakfast, but it tasted like a whole new meal.


Lunch was the last serving of spinach and artichoke baked potato. Directions are under main dish recipes. I also made a cup of chicken broth flavored with lemon juice, green onion, and cilantro since I felt so bad.


I repeated last night’s dinner of veggie pizza, but this time I used too many veggies so it was messy to eat. On the side were a microwave baked apple and the tomatoes I couldn’t balance on top of the pizza.

Exercise – I feel better now! I did ten minutes of restorative yoga from sparkpeople TV since I was too low energy for strength or cardio, and it made a world of difference.

Other actions – I commented on several other sparkers chats and blogs. So many people are accomplishing amazing feats. That also made me feel better. I drank some vanilla flavored decaf tea, without sweetener, because it didn’t need any.

Tigre somehow senses when I’m not my best. He was in my lap a lot today. When I had the last breakdown he was always in my lap, and that’s not like him.





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