2/17/17 Feeling sedated.

Pristiq made by brain start working again, and I am grateful, but there’s a price. It calms me, sometimes to the point of sedation. I slept more than usual today and wasn’t even interested in lunch. Now that’s not like me.

Exercise- had to force it today. I’m not stiff and pained like yesterday; I’m just too relaxed to feel motivated. I did a ten minute core workout from sparkpeople, 3 minutes of zumba (better than none)  and 6 minutes of restorative yoga. I asked Belle to do these with me since she didn’t want to play outside.

Belle striking a pose

Meals: When Belle came home from school, I ate a quick wrap – banana, peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon rolled in a whole wheat tortilla – with an apple.


This wrap is great when I don’t feel like cooking or when I need a fast and portable meal.

Breakfast was PB and Oat Apple Crumble. Recipe here.


For dinner we had BLT salad.


Then I had two fun size Milky Ways and some cherries. The cherries are great with chocolate, and their addition makes a small treat very filling.


Focusing Actions – I read articles and blogs, liking and commenting on others’successes. And I ordered a bathroom scale that will weigh me. I want to weigh in this weekend but don’t know where to find a scale that goes over 400 pounds. I called around and didn’t find one I could use, so now one is on the way from ebay.




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