Lost 7 more (23+ total pounds gone); tarts and take out 2/18/17

427. Down from over 450 last fall. I bought a pot of tulips to celebrate. 


Belle and I made tarts again this morning. I think each has about 400 calories, mostly from butter in the crust, but they are worth every calorie, and very satisfying. I could not finish the apple. Recipes- Crust from King Arthur flour, filling and icing from Pioneer Woman.


We visited my sister and had takeout from Applebees for lunch. Before ordering I checked online for calories in each item. An order of onion rings had 540, and having craved them for a few days, I decided to eat half an order with a steak and grilled vegetables. I had an orange in my purse in case I was still hungry, but I didn’t eat it. I felt bloated in the afternoon, probably from the onion rings. I hate that feeling. So glad I ate half the order.


For dinner I cooked salmon filets in a little butter and served them with whole wheat lo mein. The sauce is just sesame oil, soy sauce, sriracha, pasta water, corn starch, brown sugar, and garlic powder. I throw most veggies into the pasta during the last minute of cooking, but snow peas go in right before draining the pasta. My husband loved this dinner.

I’m behind on exercise and my other daily activities (reading articles and other blogs and posts). I plan to do a ten minute workout when dinner settles.



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