2/21/17 Struggling with Overeating Impulses

Chocolate popped into my thoughts all day. I didn’t imagine myself bingeing on it, but then I never admitted that’s what I really wanted. Until today. I knew I wanted to eat lots of chocolate, but I want to keep working toward my health goals. So I answered the chocolate whine the same way I answer Belle when she begs for more of a treat after having enough – I shut it down. With Belle I give a firm no and tell her she will save it for tomorrow’s treat. With the childish part of my brain I distracted my thoughts elsewhere every time the urge to binge popped up. After writing about it this morning it went away.

By the way, I eat chocolate in single portions several times a week, usually with cherries so the treat is filling. I’m not chocolate deprived.

Meals- Breakfast was Maple-Banana Baked Oatmeal with berries, warmed milk and coffee. Information is under breakfast recipes.


Lunch was a repeat of dinner last night except I added half a pack of cooked ramen noodles to the slaw, also throwing the cabbage into the boiling noodle water right before draining, then tossing with sliced tomatoes, cilantro, and the dressing from the Thai shrimp salad (main dish recipes). This made a delicious cold noodle salad.


Dinner was Bacon and Brussels Sprouts Linguine. The recipe called for Panceta but I’m cheap and love bacon. This was so yummy and easy. I’ll add this as a main dish recipe tomorrow.


For a treat I had two fun size Milky Ways and some frozen cherries. I haven’t eaten this yet, but here’s what it will look like.


Exercise- I did ten minutes of a low impact cardio workout.

Focus and motivation building– I read six articles and commented on chats at sparkpeople. I also joined a new weight loss group on facebook. Reading other people’s successes is motivating.





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