Deprived and Obsessed. 2/28/17 log.

Pizza, fried chicken, chinese take out, ice cream… I obsessed about eating all this, and MORE, while I was too sick to eat this week. The stomach bug got worse again yesterday. I don’t understand how I can be too sick to eat and simultaneously so obsessed with eating heavy foods.

I don’t handle feeling deprived well, even when the deprivation results from illness. When I felt well enough to eat on Sunday and Monday, the obsession was suddenly gone. The way I usually eat now does not leave me feeling deprived because I love creating eye-appealing meals with colorful and fresh ingredients, and I frequently enjoy single portions of my favorite indulgent foods. Along with tracking here and on sparkpeople, this system works well for me, and when I’m not sick I already feel much better, stronger and more energetic, every movement a little easier than it was a month ago.


Breakfast was a baked and salted tortilla and baked apple, just in case.


For lunch I had black bean soup with avocado, two soft-boiled eggs, and tortilla strips. The directions are under main dishes.


For dinner I had Black bean burgers on lettuce wraps, Greek salad, and an orange.



Thirty squats, some standing core exercises, and some stretching.  I didn’t do it. No ecercise today :(.

Focus and motivate 

Read 6 articles on sparkpeople. Commented on sparkpeople and facebook weight loss groups.





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