Treats – almost daily. Deprived = obsessed.



Two fun size Milky Way candies and a cup of cherries is my favorite treat. I savor every bite in a way I never did while overeating. Cherries and chocolate accentuate each other, and the cherries make this a filling treat. This treat has 235 calories, 44g carbs, 6g fat, and 2g protein. Frozen cherries are great, but fresh are sublime.

I have a treat almost daily, always logging it, and usually staying at about 1600 calories. Often I have a 70% cocoa dark chocolate square or a cup of home-made cocoa. Sometimes I’ll have a single serving of something from a bakery or ice cream shop, mindful that foods are often not sold in single servings. A kids cup of ice cream should be a 1/2 cup serving, unless it’s overfilled.


I also make single serving cookies and mug cakes sometimes. Here are some recipes:

Moistest chocolate mug cake. Very chocolatey and satisfying. 348 calories, 56g carbs, 15g fat, 7g protein, if made without adding nutella or peanut butter. This recipe made me uncomfortably full last time. Next time I’ll save some for later.

Nine desserts for one.  We’ve tried the first cookie recipe, with chocolate chips added. It was yummy!

will power is the last and weakest defense of a dieter, and using it leads to feeling deprived

I don’t bake a dozen cookies because I know will power is the last and weakest defense of a dieter, and using it leads to feeling deprived. Having treats almost daily keeps me from feeling deprived and then becoming obsessed with food.

I intend to eat this way, and enjoy doing it, for life. Never again will I regain weight after a too restrictive diet. Articles regarding treats and weight loss can be found under the menu heading ‘Enjoy life diet’.








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