A Little Oblivion 3/3/17

One ice cream bar, when savored, is delicious. Four of them wolfed down tastes like shame.

There are four snickers ice cream bars in the freezer, but they’re safe, for now. Saving treats like that for an after dinner dessert is now a habit. My old habit was to eat all the ice cream while I was alone, numbing myself into momentary oblivion.

One ice cream bar, when savored, is delicious. Four of them wolfed down tastes like shame. Nothing tastes good enough to overshadow that shame. So today, since I’m not feeling well mentally, I went to bed for a long nap. Snuggling under the covers is a much better way for me to snatch some oblivion, and I’m ill enough to need this fairly often.



I made a roast for dinner with roasted Brussels sprouts and green beans – absolutely delicious. I ate all the food on that plate. Now I have lots of roasted veggies to use!


Breakfast was oatmeal pancakes with berries. These were better today, but I want to tweak the recipe a little more.


For lunch I wanted something easy and comforting, so I ate a Chobani flip with a cinnamon sprinkled banana dipped in a sauce made by melting one tablespoon of Smuckers natural peanut butter and sixteen 60% cocoa chocolate chips. This was very satisfying, and that yogurt would pair very well with a cup of cherries. I’d probably add 1/2 to 1 ounce of nuts to the cherry and yogurt combo to make it a meal. Maybe one ounce of macadamia nuts.


I did a twelve minute core workout from sparkpeople.

Focus and motivate

I read 6 articles and commented on blogs and facebook weight loss groups. One of the groups has several members who’ve lost lots of weight, and they frequently post before and after pics. One woman was thrilled because she finally fit into a pair of jeans she’d bought a size small to motivate herself. Reading successes like this inspires me.




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