Down another 8 (total 31 pounds lost) 3/4/17

I’ve lost 31 pounds! I can tell a difference in my clothes, especially the previously tight ones.


For dinner I made cheese steak subs and roasted vegetable salad over spinach dressed with a little grainy mustard and red wine vinegar.


Breakfast was Greek yogurt, two teaspoons of brown sugar, 1/2 ounce of toasted walnuts, and a lot of berries.


Lunch did not get photographed because I was hungry and distracted. It was Applebees Thai Shrimp Salad.

For dessert I had ten malted milk balls – the good ones.


I was stressed and upset this morning so I exercised early to help (it helped). 10 minutes of low impact cardio and 5 minutes of weight lifting (arms).

Focus and motivate 

Read six articles and commented. The facebook weight loss group I like best is called “Get Fit Weight Loss and Fitness Motivation.” Some members have lost over 100 pounds. The before and after pics are very inspiring.


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