A Less Dresssed Salad, eaten mindfully

Dressing only the greens, then piling on your favorite veggies, seasoned with citrus juice, fresh herbs, spices, hot sauce, or all of them, allows the vegetables to pop, and cuts unnecessary calories. 


For this salad I stirred one tablespoon of Annie’s Naturals Goddess dressing  into two cups of baby spinach. I then piled about two ounces of ham and two chopped boiled eggs in the center. Each vegetable was chopped then seasoned with fresh lime juice, salt and pepper. Cilantro would have been lovely but I was out.

This was a good meal to practice Mindful eating, because it was full of subtle flavors and textures that were better enjoyed when I stopped bolting and started chewing more slowly and thoughtfully, putting my fork down between bites. I hate to admit this exhausted me faster than today’s workout – this is going to take lots of practice, but I know it will help me.


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