Better! Mindfulness vs. Oblivion? 3/8/17


Breakfast was plain Greek yogurt with cinnamon and vanilla extract stirred in, topped with two teaspoons of brown sugar, frozen berries, and sixteen 60% cocoa chocolate chips.


I slept through lunch because the Pristiq sometimes knocks me out. Then I woke ravenous and ate a Chobani flip with a spoon of peanut butter and the last of the grapes from the fruit bowl. 


For dinner I finished my shrimp and snow peas take out with about half a cup if rice.


Dessert was two fun size milky ways and some frozen cherries.



Twenty minutes of strength – lower body and core.

Focus and motivate

Read 6 articles and commented on others’ successes.


Restorative yoga stretching followed by 5 minutes of meditation.

EFT – I tap several times a day – when I go to the bathroom, when I’m waiting on my coffee, when I go to bed. I found an instruction video on tapping Here. This video explains the basic technique, but I usually take less time than the instructor does here.

Yoga and meditation are now used to treat ptsd.  Trauma changes the brain, and it’s now believed that mindfulness practices can change the brain in healthy ways. I sort of think mindfulness practice counteracts the dissociation of ptsd. And I feel much better today – centered and hopeful.



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