3/10/17 Fridge Clean Out Meals; Rest Day




Plain Greek yogurt with cinnamon and vanilla extract stirred in, topped with the last cara cara orange from the old bag and some blueberries was breakfast. I added the berries for color and presentation mainly, but they added sweet tartness to the parfait (and nutrients). I realized on the first bite I no longer need to add sweetener to my yogurt. The cinnamon and vanilla perk up the flavor a lot. I ate one Nonni’s biscotti with this, dunking him in my black coffee (yum).




For lunch I threw a lot of leftovers – the ingredients I prepped for salad yesterday before I got a headache, which included a greek yogurt dressing I made, some salsa left from nachos, and some chickpeas – into the microwave for two minutes and tossed them with angel hair pasta and a tablespoon of jarred pesto. I didn’t expect this to taste so great. I love fridge clean out meals.



Dinner was chicken fried rice, using the rice left from this week’s take out, and egg roll stuffing, which is just cabbage that had been in the fridge a while and carrot sautéed with a little bacon, sesame oil, and seasoning (the recipe is under side dishes). Belle loves egg rolls and liked this.


My hips hurt a lot from yesterday’s walk, so I did some stretches I learned when I took yoga. This helped.

I’m resting today.

Focus and motivate

Read 6 articles at sparkpeople and commented on others’ successes on their community page. Sparkpeople offers a very comprehensive healthy lifestyle change program. I skipped facebook weight loss groups today because so much of what I see there involves meal replacements, restricting entire food groups, or other ‘quick fixes’ like drinking vinegar or taking supplements, and given my goals and restrictive diet-induced eating disorder, that kind of thinking doesn’t work for me.


EFT and I intend to meditate and do a little more restorative yoga – focussing on my sore hips – before bed.



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