3/9/17 mantras and EFT chant. The missing pond.


I dragged my 419 pound self on a mile long walk to see a pond, not knowing it had been drained due to storm damage. I saw some old oaks and a historic home, but I pushed myself to keep going past my comfort level for the pond. Maybe next time. On the way back I was pushing to get back to my car and cucumber water. I’m exhausted.

I thought I could still do more than a mile. Just a few years ago I was taking spin classes and doing push ups. It doesn’t seem long ago. Today I had to keep stopping and ended up with an exertion headache. Another goal – walk the whole 1.75 mile trail this year.



I started drinking lime and cucumber water today, mostly because I had to use a cucumber, but also because I’ve enjoyed it once at a spa, and why not? I need to drink more water.

For breakfast I made oatmeal pancakes with baked apples. I’m still not satisfied with the recipe. Belle ate hers, so they’re good, but I have a vision.


For lunch I planned, and even prepped, a large salad, but then I got a headache, so I had a banana and a pear.

For dinner I had a bowl of frozen mangoes. Very cold foods help my headaches, and I’m no longer willing to medicate with ice cream. Hooray for frozen fruit!

Focus and Motivate 

Read 6 articles. Commented on others’ success, which never gets old.


10 minutes of restorative  yoga followed by 5 minutes of meditation. I use the mantras I am safe on inhales and Let it go on exhales and try to relax all muscles, which is hard.

EFT. I tap the points shown in the video I shared yesterday, but I don’t talk nearly as long. I say

Even though I feel unsafe
Even though I feel unsafe without my fat armor
I unconditionally love myself
I am safe
I can let go
I am safe

And I do this several times a day – when I first wake, waiting on coffee or eggs to boil, after washing my hands, at bedtime. It doesn’t take long.

My headache feels much better. My hips hurt, though. I’m training at the smaller park I know has a pond to return stronger, when they finish repairs and put that pond back. Honestly, who moves a pond?


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