Sweet potato with one tablespoon of Smuckers natural peanut butter, cinnamon, and vanilla extract with a foamy latte for breakfast. Belle found the foamer and offered to foam the milk for me. Such a sweetie.


Lunch was fried chicken tenders, a baked potato with one pat of butter, and fruit.

For dinner we had the rest of the chicken fried rice and egg roll stuffing (see side dish recipes).

I will have two chocolate chip cookies and a cup of milk later for dessert.


10 minutes of restorative yoga targeting hip flexibility plus a ten minute upper body workout video with 3 pound weights.

Focus and motivate

Used sparkpoints to read articles and comment on others’ successes.


EFT and meditation still seem to be helping. Today I’ve been having random memories from childhood resurface – not of anything traumatic – but it scares me because I wonder what’s coming up next. Until the last nervous breakdown I remembered almost nothing from before age 12. And I suspect it’s easier that way. I was getting very panicked earlier, but Belle distracted me by being such a cutie, and I realized how blessed I am.




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