Hip Pain Help for the Huge: Walking at Extreme Weights

It hurts. Every movement Рespecially in my left hip. I walked over a mile two days ago, thinking the natural surface would be gentle on my hips, and that losing 31 pounds would help, but I was wrong. I still weigh over 400 and have been huge since I was 3.

Walking is almost always the first ‘low impact’exercise advised for me, but my trainer from my last big weight loss advised me to jog in the water, swim, take water aerobics, use a recumbent bike, or use an elliptical to minimize stress on my joints, and I think he was right. Walking with extra weight impacting joints that are already stressed by a gait problem, especially on concrete, is just too painful.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t exercise. I can still use water, a bike, or an elliptical. And there are now so many free exercise videos online.

Sparkpeople alone has a full library of videos, searchable by type, length, and fitness level. Fitness center

I’ve noticed my hips don’t hurt when I do low impact cardio moves at home. I’ve even found some challenging chair aerobics videos.

Alisa Keeton, of Revelation Wellness, has a few great chair aerobics videos on YouTube.

Fitness blender is another great online exercise source Fitness blender low impact cardio workout for beginners.

I’ve also found some information on stretches and leg strengthening exercises to improve hip problems:

Helpful exercises for hip OA – mercola

Bursitis hip exercises – healthline

Hip bursitis exercise – Summit Medical Group

So I am adjusting the fitness goal I added this week: I still intend to walk the whole trail, but I will wait until I get below 300. And I will not use walking, even on soft surfaces, as cardio again until I take off about a hundred more pounds. At very high weights, walking is not low impact exercise.


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