3/12/17 Lazy Sunday

Family morning group hug

Eat: Breakfast was one biscotti dipped in black coffee with Greek yogurt, seasoned with cinnamon and vanilla extract, then topped with berries.


For lunch we heated delivery pizza out of the freezer. Belle and I both ate some grapes with this. I also had roasted summer squash.


Dinner was New England Clam Chowder. I substituted canned evaporated milk instead of cream. Not very colorful or nutrient dense, so I ate an orange with it.



I didn’t want to exercise, but I did ten minutes of work to strengthen the muscles supporting the hip joint. My hips feel better, though the left one is still off. I also danced while doing the dishes, Belle complaining about my music the whole time.

Focus and motivate: Writing this blog keeps me on track. This afternoon when I started today’s blog, I realized I hadn’t read any articles. My mind has a bad habit of blanking out and forgetting routines, I suspect as part of my memory problems, and this adds another challenge to forming new habits. Thankful for this blog! I read the articles and commented, then exercised.

Heal: One round of deep breathing and EFT first thing. I will do a second round at bedtime.


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