Hard Day, Tuna Salad

“I don’t believe in weight loss. I believe in health gains.” – Amanda Young, Health Coach

Sedated. Exhausted. Pained. Cold. The last few days have been hard. Today is really bad. 

So today I’m bundled up in a warm lounger, hoodie, fuzzy socks, and a comforter, drinking unsweetened hot tea, and keeping the thermostat as high as I allow it (cheap trumps cold). And I will take a long nap if I stay sedated and fatigued. Belle’s at school today; even Tigre is out on the prowl, I am blessed to be able to focus on self care on hard days now. It comes in waves. I’ll feel better.


Eat: One biscotti with coffee. Oatmeal cooked in milk, with a sliced banana and walnuts, sweetened with cinnamon and vanilla extract.

Lunch was left over clam chowder and an orange.

Dinner was a huge tuna salad. I made guacamole with an avocado and lime juice. I seasoned the romaine and all vegetables with lime juice, salt and pepper. Then I  layered the romaine, guacamole, vegetables, chickpeas, and tuna on top. Had half a mango also.

Dessert was hot cocoa, made with cocoa powder instead of a packet of chemicals.

I purposely ate omega 3s (tuna, walnuts) and less processed food when I realized it was a bad day.

Move: I haven’t done any exercise and have no energy.

Focus and motivate: I read articles and commented on others’ successes. I found the quote above in an article and loved it immediately.

Heal: ‘Neurons that fire together, wire together,’ I read somewhere yesterday. If a brain can be damaged by trauma, then it can also be repaired – brains can change. Every time I handle hard days by directly addressing my needs, rather than by self medicating by overeating, I am building new associations in my brain. On days like today it’s probably especially  critical to give my body nutrients and avoid toxins.

EFT first thing in the morning and at bedtime. I also intend to do 5 minutes (that’s nothing – I can do that) of restorative yoga and meditation today.


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