3/17/17 Spinach salad with warm bacon dressing

Belle asked to make a cake this weekend. I eat dessert almost every night, careful to keep in the house only individually packaged portions like fun sized candy bars or single serving ice cream bars. But a cake or half-gallon of ice cream? No. Not yet. Possibly not anymore except holidays when others are around to help me enjoy it. Why buy a binge?


Eat: For dinner I madeĀ Spinach salad with warm bacon dressing. I used a fried egg and added some veggies that needed to leave the refrigerator, and it was excellent! Sometimes ‘diet’ salad recipes slash calories rather than focus on color, flavor, and texture. This salad was a delicious way to enjoy several servings of vegetables.


Lunch was the last of the wonton soup.


Breakfast was oatmeal pancakes. I think I have the recipe now. Will post soon.

For dessert I had two fun sized Almond Joys and some frozen mango.

Move: I cleaned a lot and purposefully fidgeted throughout the day.

Focus and motivate: I read articles and commented on others’ success.

Heal: I keep forgetting EFT until I start the blog, but I got it in, thanks to blogging.


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