Depressed, but improved throughout the day.

Depressed – speaking coherently a struggle. I start to talk but keep forgetting what I was going to say. So tired. Feel like crying. But I still laugh and feel real joy at Belle and Tigre’s antics.


Thank God. I’ve seen my mother and Aunt so depressed that I believe they couldn’t even process their surroundings. Severe depression slows the brain. I’m calling the psychiatrist tomorrow. Doubt it will help because I don’t think doctors understand this condition.

luckily I felt better as the day progressed; this morning was horrible. I’ll still call the doctor.

Eat: Luckily I’m afraid to overeat. But my brain isn’t working and I forgot to photograph breakfast. Belle wanted to cook eggs so I had two eggs on a sandwich thin with a halo clementine.



Lunch was tuna and cheese on half a sub roll, a halo, and a simple soup of chicken broth, onions, spices, carrots, and bagged greens.

For dinner I put a tablespoon of orange marmalade in the last of my Greek yogurt, seasoned it with cinnamon and vanilla extract, and ate it with frozen mango.

Move: I might do the bike soon.

Focus and motivate: read some of the fitness jokes from another blogger. Tried to encourage others.

Heal: EFT. Lots of prayer last night.




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