Stop Staring

Being treated like I’m a fellow human would be great, but I don’t think people are capable of that. So just stop staring. And don’t glare. Do you do it to make sure I know I’m hated? I’ve got the message, and so has my child. It bothers her enough that she doesn’t want to go out anywhere. She doesn’t want to see Beauty and the Beast or go for ice cream – all because assholes won’t stop glaring at her huge mother.

What could I do to stop the staring? Please understand – even after I lost 200 pounds I was still huge. And people were stunned, in a grossed out way, to hear I’d lost that much. Even if I lost down to 130 or so without losing my mind, there would be lots of hanging skin, and I would have to be super strict with food and exercise to achieve that weight, since I’ve been huge since I was three. I don’t feel normal is possible for me.

Even if I could do it, it would take years of hard work. So listen, next time you see a huge person, don’t stare, glare, laugh, make fun, or say something rude. You don’t know that person’s story. You don’t know how they got that size. Maybe like me they’ve been huge from their earliest memories. Maybe they have a disease. Maybe they’ve lived through something horrible. There’s a reason – a good one because I promise you


No it’s not a choice or poor lifestyle or ignorance – there is always a reason someone would get this large.

And if you’re not willing or able to be kind enough to leave me alone, FUCK YOU. And may you learn in hell what it feels like.



2 thoughts on “Stop Staring”

  1. you are amazing. Don’t you ever let those terrible people get you down. You and your daughter deserve love and awesome, fun times! May god bless you on your journey, darling ❤


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