How to make orejas


Caramelized sugar, flaky layers, and the scent of cinnamon. Combined with a cup of good coffee, it’s the beginning of a perfect day. Belle and I followed the directions from¬†How to make orejas¬†this morning to make home-made pastries.
They were so much better than those from the bakery. One sheet of puff pastry (there were two sheets in the box) made 24 small pastries. Four of them have about 260 calories if you use the 1/2 cup of sugar called for in the recipe. I will cut that down probably to 1/4 cup next time, though Belle thought they were perfect.


I made chicken quesadillas with rotisserie chicken, corn tortillas, and shredded cheese, served with canned tomato soup for lunch. Belle loved this, not even complaining about the chicken this time.


Dinner was cheeseburger salad with Alexia brand sweet potato fries. I’m still low energy but slowly improving. I’ve lost four more pounds.




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