Easy bone broth – wonton soup (from rotisserie chicken scraps)


Easy, frugal, filling, and nutritious – this soup is a favorite slow cooker meal. Egg noodles would work but I prefer the texture of wontons and always have them on hand for use in mini pizzas, quiches, and fruit pies. Any vegetable I have in the refrigerator can be thrown into this soup right at the end of cooking. Some vegetables, like spinach and green onions, are best left raw. Simply stir these into the steaming soup.

  1. While eating the rotisserie chicken,  save the large bones, wings, and skin. When the bird starts looking sparse, I pick all the meat I can off the breast bone for later use and place the bones and scraps into a slow cooker with one Knorr bullion cube and any vegetable scraps I have (ends of carrots, onions, and celery), cover with water, and boil for 24 hours.
  2. Turn off the slow cooker and let the crock cool. Strain out the bones, picking out the meat (amazing how much there was still on that bird) to return it to the broth. Reheat the meaty broth in the slow cooker. You can add any reserved meat from the chicken.
  3. About fifteen minutes before meal time, prepare 8 wontons per serving . Dip two adjacent sides into the broth, press the wet sides together to seal, press the wet corners together to seal, and drop into the broth (Folding wonton envelopes). Cook on high about 15 minutes. I don’t put anything inside my wontons.
  4. Garnish with chopped green onions. I also usually add bagged spinach to the bottom of my bowl, then ladle the soup over it to wilt it perfectly.

Other vegetables I’ve enjoyed in this are thinly sliced Brussels sprouts, bean sprouts, sliced snow peas, mushrooms, carrots sliced with a peeler, and thinly sliced colored peppers. Cilantro and lemon juice add lots of fresh flavor.



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