Vacation. But not from self-discipline. Belle salad.

Belle at The Waterfront Shops in Duck

I took Belle to NC’s Outer Banks this week for her spring break, and we ate about the same. Too cheap/poor to eat out, I ¬†packed leftover delivery pizza for picnic lunches for the road trip, and we bought more pizza, frozen berries and whole grain waffles, chopped vegetables, guacamole, and ice cream bars at a grocery store in Kill Devil Hills. We ate these for lunch and dinner. For breakfast we had boiled eggs and bacon I cooked at home and packed in a cooler. I didn’t feel at all deprived, and Belle didn’t complain about the food once.

I realized during vacation I don’t need a cheat day or a weekend off from my food guidelines. My plan is flexible and indulgent enough that I don’t feel deprived.¬†Of course nearly every day I think about having more of something, usually dessert. But now, since nothing is off limits, I just remind myself I will have ‘more’ tomorrow. Omitting or severely restricting foods always led to bingeing for me. I’m happy with what I’m doing now.

I feel like I’ve finally figured out how to eat right for me. I also realized, as I watched Belle eating the vegetables, and as she kept asking me to buy guacamole when we got home, that it’s time to push her to stop eating ‘kid food’. Anytime I make a dinner she might not like, I let her opt out with frozen pizza or egg rolls. I told her today she will do that less and switch to more whole grains. I also challenged her to think about how self-discipline should work with food and outlined what she could eat in a day. She grazes a lot instead of eating a meal, and she explained the concerta (ADHD med) makes her feel like doing that. Our new plan is to wrap her dinner and let her graze on it instead of cheese, yogurt, and popcorn (though she can still have those as an after school snack).

She invented a salad for herself since she’s committed to eating more real foods for dinner. Iceberg with eggs, bacon, carrots, and ranch. She said she wanted chips and melted cheese in her salad too, so I suggested quesadilla croutons, but she just left the quesadilla whole.


It’s a step in the right direction. She loved it but didn’t eat it all. I’ll work on reducing, but not omitting, the salad dressing and high calorie additions slowly.

Vacation has always been tricky with my anxiety, but I want Belle to have as normal a life as possible despite my limitations. We always go to the same oceanfront hotel on a quiet beach on NC’s Outer Banks. I don’t handle new and nonroutine well, so having a standard vacation helps. I sit on the oceanfront porch and watch Belle play. She always makes friends, thank God!



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