Did I write just yesterday that I didn’t need a cheat day? As soon as we started making Easter treats Saturday morning I knew I wanted to sample and lick bowls, so I tracked every taste.


We made Rice Krispy Bird nests and a blueberry cake with citrus cream cheese Frosting. Since I ran out of confectioners sugar, I only used about half the amount called for in the recipe. Everyone loved this cake, even the kids, so I will continue to make this recipe with reduced sugar.

Breakfast on Saturday was a collection of bites here and licks there: a rice Krispy treat, one Robin Egg (malted milk ball), five jelly beans, three spoons of cake batter, and two spoons of icing. All this totalled to the amount of calories I would have normally eaten for breakfast, though of course it provided no nutrients. Still it was fun, and every day is not a holiday.

I decided the candies weren’t worth the calories. The rice Krispy treat was great, but I’ve had enough of it. I will keep these out of sight, though, because seeing treats all day will tempt me, whether that’s how I want to spend my calories, or not.


We had ham, a vegetable Basket with dips, freshly baked Bread , and some cheese for Easter. I made Salsa and ranch dip Saturday night, then prepped the vegetables and got the bread in the machine on Easter morning, making guacamole right before serving lunch.

My family ate the main meal for lunch, so for dinner I turned the leftovers into a salad bar, with a big bowl of spinach and lettuce in the center of the table, vegetables left from the basket arranged into a crudite and dip tray, and small bowls of chopped ham, boiled eggs, shredded cheddar, and croutons made from the ends of the loaf of bread. Since I’d already eaten a slice of cake, I stuck with veggies and boiled eggs for a light dinner. I had a banana and one tablespoon of Smuckers natural peanut butter for breakfast, but I still hit my usual 1600 calories.

I wish I’d though to photograph the salad bar. Below I have a photo of the leftovers. I stashed the spinach in the tray for quick storage, but the tray looked much better before the meal.


Belle and her cousin each got a Easter basket and hunted for eggs, some of which had jelly beans, and some of which had Question cards they answered to earn the baskets. Belle got one chocolate bunny, and the rest of her basket was hair stuff, jewelry, bubbles, a small badminton set, and gum.

Easter is my favorite holiday. I love Spring and the dresses. One Easter I was a size 18 and found the most beautiful spring green dress. Remembering that dress today, I decided to buy a dress from Igigi or Kiyonna to celebrate when I get down to size 26 or 28.



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