More cake

After one slice of the leftover blueberry cake with citrus cream cheese frosting, I wanted more, and for the first time in months, I decided to eat more.

IMG_20170417_162634 I loved every bite but ended up so stuffed that I wasn’t hungry or remotely interested in eating lunch.

And I’m scared. Will overeating today lead me back into bingeing everyday? Is it ever OK to do this? Do people with healthy eating behavior ever do this? I was full but not uncomfortably so, and during a binge I became miserable and sick. This was not a binge. But I tend to vacillate between rigid control and complete lack of control.

However, it was just one extra slice of cake. I am going to move on, continuing to choose healthy foods most of the time and eat about 1600 calories each day (1848 today).

And I recommit to buying only treats packaged in single servings, like ice cream bars rather than a half-gallon of ice cream, because I believe the packaging helps me stop with one serving.

It was really good cake, too. I was as proud of it as I was of the vegetable basket, and it was full of fresh blueberries, with orange zest in the frosting, so I guess I’ll still get a few nutrients today. Plus I’ll probably eat a can of tuna mixed with avocado over two cups of greens (which means spinach because that’s all I have) for dinner, with a few other colorful veggies tossed in. I feel like something light and clean-feeling for dinner.



4 thoughts on “More cake”

  1. Haven’t had 1 client that didn’t text me something like this. I always reply that forget today, don’t beat yourself up and start over tomorrow. Never eat less the day after or punish yourself, if you are healthy most days of the year you’ll see good progress. The second meal looked great btw!

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  2. I agree with Coach Hami. Beating yourself up for indulging doesn’t do you any good. You had a slice of cake, that’s great, move on. It’s what you do consistently that matters. Keep going! 🙂


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