Fast pesto with spinach; meals 5/1/17


My basil plants unexpectedly yielded over a cup of leaves this morning, so I made pesto for dinner, though I lacked all the ingredients. I chopped about a cup of basil and one cup of spinach, then stuck about 2 tbs of lemon juice, a crushed garlic clove, and the spinach in a bowl, covered this with plastic wrap, and microwaved it until the spinach wilted (2 minutes). I put about 1 tbs of olive oil in my blender, the spinach mixture, 1/2 c of pasta water, the basil, salt and pepper. I mixed this into lightly buttered angel hair pasta and served it with grilled salmon.

Breakfast was an oreja pastry, 1/2 c of yogurt, and strawberries. Lunch was 1/2 an Endangered Species 72% cocoa bar and one cup of strawberries.



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