Cheap and yummy salad

A bed of chopped baby spinach tossed with a little ranch then topped with potato “croutons”, boiled egg, and cherry tomatoes from my garden. 

For the potato croutons, I chopped a boiled potato and fried it in a tablespoon of hot bacon grease. I bought a bag of potatoes during my grocery run this week, so I boiled the small ones and stuffed them in the refrigerator for quick potato salad and mashed potatoes later. I also boiled a pot of eggs, peeled and salt and peppered them, then stashed them for salads and snacks. Salt and pepper each layer of any dish, even salads. 

I like to chop my salad greens because it makes the salad easier to eat. I also season the greens at least with salt and pepper and stir the dressing into the greens before adding toppings. This way I use less dressing, and the salad is more colorful and pretty. 

A little preparation and a few on hand cheap ingredients can make a yummy and nutritious meal – easy. 

I am hanging in. I gained some of my lost weight back, but I am still here and still fighting. And Belle is getting more beautiful each day.