In the fall of 2016 I stepped on a doctor’s scale, immediately sliding the weights to 450 pounds, the scale’s max, to save the nurse from having to pretend I could weigh less, and was sadly not shocked when the scale wouldn’t balance. For the third time in my life I weighed over 450 pounds, again.

I prayed for a few months and tried several diets, losing and regaining some weight and continuing to pray. One day I decided to look at sparkpeople’s site, and I’ve been logging meals since then. For the first few days I put pictures of my meals on Facebook, believing this visual meal log would be another way to hold myself accountable. I began looking for motivation in weight loss blogs and decided to start my own.

I log pictures of my meals here each day, also sharing recipes and meal ideas I want to remember and think others might enjoy.

I save articles I find about motivation, handling struggles, exercise, and other diet tips when I believe I’ll want to refer to them later. I use this blog to (1) collect tools to help me achieve my goals and (2) to document the process.

My health plan:

  1. Log meals on sparkpeople and through photos daily.
  2. Read at least one motivational item daily.
  3. Move every day.
  4. Portion control plus lots of vegetables, fruits, and water. Nothing is off-limits, in moderation.