Cheap tips

Regrow green onions. Place green onions in a glass with enough water to cover the roots and keep in a sunny spot. Cut the green tops for cooking but place the root end back in the wated. The green part quickly regrows. Change the water daily and start over when the root ends look too used. 

Basil is easy to grow in a pot or garden. Three plants provide me with enough basil for a year. When the plants get full I pick a batch, chop it into ribbons, and store servings in ziploc baggies inside a freezer bag in the freezer. 

Replace paper towels with cloth napkins, kitchen towels, and washrags. Walmart has four packs of pretty dinner napkins for about $5, and a pack of 18 multipurpose rags goes for under $4, again at Walmart. 

Aldi. The products are quality and competitively priced.