Fast egg topped fried rice

Half-eaten view (sorry) 

Use leftover rice or ready rice to make fast fake out as good as, but healthier than, real take out. You can easily substitute other vegetables or meats.

Ingredients for 3 or 4 servings

  • 1.5 to 2 cups of cooked rice (I used Uncle Bens Brown Ready Rice)
  • 2 pats of butter, divided
  • 2 tsp of bacon grease, divided
  • 1 c of chopped cabbage
  • .5 c of chopped or shredded carrot
  • 3 chopped green onions
  • One slice of cooked bacon/ham, chopped, per serving
  • One egg per serving

Heat 1 pat of butter and 1 tsp of bacon grease. Fry carrots for about two minutes, then add cabbage, onions, and bacon/ham. Salt and pepper to taste. Stir every two minutes for about six minutes. The vegetables should be crispy but begin to brown. Remove vegetables to a bowl.

Melt another pat of butter and tsp of bacon grease in the pan. Salt and pepper the rice. Add the rice to the hot oil and stir to coat each grain. Stir every two minutes for about six minutes. Combine with the vegetables.

Fry one egg for each serving. Top each serving of fried rice with a fried egg. I served this with sauted zucchini.

Vacation. But not from self-discipline. Belle salad.

Belle at The Waterfront Shops in Duck

I took Belle to NC’s Outer Banks this week for her spring break, and we ate about the same. Too cheap/poor to eat out, Continue reading “Vacation. But not from self-discipline. Belle salad.”

Spinach Salad with smoky mustard vinaigrette


With a hint of crunchy bacon, creamy avocado, and a bright and super easy dressing made from pantry staples, this salad packs nutrients and decadence onto one 348 calorie plate.  Continue reading “Spinach Salad with smoky mustard vinaigrette”

Brussels sprouts with bacon


Ingredients per serving

  • 1 cup of sliced Brussels sprouts
  • 1 slice of cooked bacon, reserve grease
  • 1/2 tsp of grainy mustard
  • 1/2 tsp of balsamic vinegar
  • Salt and pepper

Prepare the sprouts by removing the ends and slicing them into discs. Continue reading “Brussels sprouts with bacon”

How I Eat Healthy When I Have No Energy

1. It’s time for paper plates, disposable cups, and plastic utensils.

2. Rotisserie chicken! Just add a handful of bagged salad and wash a fruit to go with it.

3. Bagged salad! Just add a can of tuna, a handful of grape tomatoes, and bottled dressing, and it’s good enough. Grocers sell a variety of chopped vegetables in the produce section now, too.

4. Greek yogurt and frozen berries – breakfast is ready. Also cottage cheese and canned pineapple. I sometimes have this for lunch and breakfast.

5. A banana and a spoon of peanut butter, with or without a wrap or bread, is also a fast meal.

6. Add salad and or fruit to a Lean Cuisine type frozen entree, canned soup, or sandwhich.

7. One serving of delivery pizza with salad or fruit also works, plus there’s pizza for Belle when she balks at another chicken meal.